Cause of Heart Attack: When you don’t get enough sleep you become a life risk – lack of sleep can lead to life-threatening diseases like heart attacks

The number of such people in our younger generation is very limited, for which Fundamentals of Good Health is not enough. Otherwise, most teens won’t even get the sleep they need for 7 to 8 hours. At the same time, there are some people who are in bed because of laziness. However, this state is in no way helpful in completing sleep. Use of technology

There is also a large youth army that is busy for hours with laptops, computers, cell phones and television. Because of this, his brain is not receiving sleep signals at the right time. There is also a hormonal dislocation in his brain. Which leads to insomnia (insomnia).

These problems occur when sleep is incomplete

– People who sleep very carefree and never fully sleep. They often have physical and mental problems. Fatigue in

– Tension

– Stay confused

– Bad mood

– Facing indecision

Mental and emotional problems like lack of confidence are also included.

These deadly diseases occur when you are not completely sleepy

-It’s not that when you don’t get enough sleep, you face lifestyle issues and illnesses. Rather, many fatal diseases can also occur due to lack of sleep. These include heart attack, heart attack, blood pressure problem, brain hemorrhage, etc.

Heart affects

– Incomplete sleep has a very bad effect on our body. Usually this makes our first sacrifice our heart. Because if sleep is not complete, the body remains tired all the time. Because of this, blood flow becomes obstructed and this affects the pumping of the heart.

Sleep remains incomplete due to some habits

– People who smoke in the habit also suffer from insomnia.

– People who have a lot of tea-coffee, d. H. Caffeine, consuming, also suffer from lack of sleep.

– Most people who work the night shift are disturbed by the biological clock, which means they are also faced with the problem of lack of sleep.

In addition, the brains of people who work mobile for hours in bed cannot produce the right amount of melatonin hormone that is needed for sleep.

Necessary for the care of the heart

A healthy lifestyle is very important to leading a healthy life. Nowadays, the problem of myocardial infarction occurs in teenagers under 35, which is cause for concern. If you don’t want you or a loved one to have this life-threatening experience at a young age, it is better if the whole family adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

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